About BMDS

Touring the world playing music pretty badly so thanks for the continued support. Without you, it’d just be us. Raising the middle finger to the corporate fascist elite everyday. Anti sexist. Anti racist. Anti state. Pro equality. Pro BDSM. Pro party. Fuck labels. We have fun here so come join in and watch us make fools out of ourselves.

One of the hardest working DIY punk bands in Australia, Blind Man Death Stare (BMDS) have released the video for the single “Just Because It Feels Good” and have so far recieved widespread coverage through Hysteria, Triple J, Punknews, Dying Scene and many more. The new album “Comin in Hot” drops March 15th.

Recorded by Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb) and Dan Antix at Def Wolf Studios in Sydney and produced by Tim Maxwell (Loser) the album is another chapter in the relentless and seemingly unstoppable charge of punk rock juggernaut BMDS. The release will be supported by extensive touring of the UK, Europe and Australia.

Just Because It Feels Good Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNyjG_f-_gY&feature=youtu.be

BMDS History

Formed out of the ashes of Brisbane punk band The Pints, Parker & Mitch relocated to Melbourne and in January of 2015 they recruited iMMi for bass duties. They renamed the band to Blind Man Death Stare and immediately started playing shows mostly made up of old Pints songs and a few unreleased tracks they had tucked away. In August of 2015 they released their first 3 track EP titled “Born A Centimetre From The Finish Line” featuring the single “Old People Should Grow Up”.  They followed up the release with a tour of the east coast of Australia including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

In 2016 they started out by releasing the video clip for “Old People Should Grow Up” and continued honing their live show by playing as many shows as they could.  They then embarked on a regional tour of Victoria with good mates Cosmic Kahuna & Wolfpack before knuckling down to write their debut full length album which was eventually recorded at Def Wolf studios by Daniel “Antix” Maslev in November 2016.  Since then, the band has expanded to include a second guitarist, Joel, who has filled out the sound and added even more energy to their live shows.

The first single “Spike My Drink But Don’t Take My Kidneys” was released on May 21 with another video clip to boot. The boys have just announced their album launch tour which kicks off on 29 July at the Dead of Winter Festival in Brisbane. They will then be joined by Melbourne ratbag punks Kill Dirty Youth for the remainder of the tour seeing them hit over 20 dates around Australia and New Zealand through August and September.

The debut full length album “It’ll Grow On Ya” is due for release on July 26 2017, pre-order bundles are available here.

The Band


Parker – Drums / Vocals

Bands Played in: The Pints, Kodiak Throat, Punch The Clown

Parker Uses: DW Custom Kit, Ziljian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks


Joel – Guitar / Vocals

Bands Played in: Inedia, Three Headed Fool, The Parnells

Joel Uses: Fender guitars, Orange amps, Ernie Ball strings, Jim Dunlop picks


Chris – Bass / Vocals

Bands Played in: Summer Blood, Late Nights

Chris Uses: Fender Bass, Ampeg, Orange, Quilter, Ernie Ball Strings


Rian – Guitar

Bands Played in: Late Nights, Strathmore

Rian Uses: Fender guitars, Orange & Quilter amps, Ernie Ball strings



iMMi – Bass / Vocals

Bands Played in: Blind Man Death Stare, Billy No Mates, Common Thread, Need

iMMi Uses: Aria Pro II basses, Ampeg & TC Electronic amps, Ernie Ball strings, Jim Dunlop picks


Mitch – Guitar / Vocals

Bands Played in: Blind Man Death Stare, The Pints, Forty Five, Smurf Murder, Harming Monica, No Trust, Kids on Glue

Mitch Uses: Gibson guitars, Mesa Boogie amps, Ernie Ball strings, BMDS picks


Craig – Bass

Bands Played in: Blind Man Death Stare, Drexler, The Patient

Craig Uses: Fender Jazz, Ernie Ball strings, Jim Dunlop picks


Nina – Guitar

Bands Played in: Blind Man Death Stare, Body Parts

Nina Uses:

Band Pics

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